I believe I was born for music and words, and it happened the year of the greatest snow storm of the last century in Barcelona. I learned to sing at home with my parents and my sisters. We were and are a musical family. My father was obsessed with Mexican folk songs and with tuning, which as a matter of fact are usually incompatible. I taught myself between corridos (Mexican songs), French songs (on my mother’s side) and card games. Fortunately, music won over the cards and I went to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston where I earned a Masters degree in composition and song. I lived there for ten years and created my first group with whom I toured several times around the USA. I began to compose in English and recorded two of my own albums in North America, At the Edge and The End of an Era.

In my shows, I alternated my own songs with French and Latin American songs.In between I always included satirical monologs against the foreign policiy of the United States. 

I returned to Spain in ’93 and I found a musical panorama that incited suicide. Instead of hanging myself from a pine tree, I recorded my first album in Spanish, Bugui del Conformista, and I began to perform in Spain, with a certain success but still feeling like a rare bird.

I started out in the world of soundtracks thanks to the soft yet firm hand of Isabel Coixet for whom I composed the music for three films, a documentary and a theatrical work. I have also worked for Fernando Leon de Aranoa and Brad Anderson, among other interesting directors. I have also written music and lyrics for musical theater for various projects such as Aloma by Dagoll Dagom, as well as a ton of songs for my own shows, such as Turning Point, the first musical palindrome in history.

I like languages. I sing fluently in Spanish, Catalan, French, English and German. I have worked as an actor on various occasions, even if it is difficult for me  to build a character other than myself.

Song and instrumental music are my favorite forms of art. Cabaret, my preferred genre. I have published seven albums of my own songs.

I like to alternate the stage with composition, but I can’t stay away from the first for more than a couple of months.

I am preparing a big musical about identity.

And here I remain…